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Are you looking for an elegant and state of the art design? Look at tilt and turn windows for your next installation. Also known as ‘tilt windows’ or ‘German windows’ these designs were created in Germany, and are extremely popular since they can be used as a casement window or a vent light.

While you have the option to turn the handle and open the window horizontally, you can also simply twist the handle to pull the top of the window free. It helps to create ventilation areas, while maintaining security for children and pets.

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uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows Worcester

Superior Construction

With tilt and turn windows, parents no longer have to worry about safety precautions. Simply use the pivot function of the window by turning the handle, and voila! You’ve created a vent which offers the maximum security with minimal effort.

Many other windows offer child protectors. That’s no longer a concern, with this simple turn vent. Furthermore, you can open the window even during a light drizzle. That way your home doesn’t stay stuffy.

uPVC Tilt and Turn Windows West Midlands

Unique Designs

We can provide you with these attractive windows wherever you are in the West Midlands. Just talk to us about the colour and hardware that you’re interested in. Kommerling provides weatherproof tilt and turn windows tested to hurricane standards.

You can find these distinctive windows in woodgrain foils or signature colours. Whether you’re looking for classic white, traditional golden oak, or a more modern anthracite grey, we can offer you colours for your home’s aesthetic.

Our Testimonials

Mel Cooper

I can totally recommend this company for windows and doors. Polite and tidy workers and excellent quality products.

Hazel Starkey

Worcester Glazing recently replaced a window and fitted a glass frame on my front cellar entrance. Have to say from start to finish all was done most efficiently. Staff were most pleasant.

Joseph Singleton

Worcester Glazing are a company that care and go above and beyond the call of duty. We recently had our builders walk out on our build following liquidation, leaving us with an unsecured home. Worcester Glazing came to the rescue and fitted doors they didn’t even supply. They saw the mess we were in and they asked for nothing in return for their labour!

Jake Kay

Installed bifolds (including removing some brick work) and a new front door. Took all the rubbish away with them and cleaned up once they finished. Very impressed with the service I received. Very competitive price. Attention to detail was fantastic. Would definitely recommend!

Worcester Glazing did new windows for our entire house in November and they were fantastic from start to finish. Completely professional from sales, to customer service. We couldn’t have been happier with the fitters (Mark & Jase) who were a pleasure to have do the job. Really friendly and the work was done to the highest of standards, Thanks guys!

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Which is better, tilt and turn windows or casement?

While casements are popular, tilt and turn windows actually have dual functionality. They can of course, open like a typical casement window. However, their specialty is the trademark pivoting function, when the handle is engaged. So while casements are classic, tilt and turn offer unique benefits.

We can advise as to what would be the best for your home if you enquire today.

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